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Client Relationship Mangers & Content Management Systems


HubSpot CRM & CMS for DOCa Rioja

In conjunction with the digital team, I transitioned Rioja Trade USA’s team to using HubSpot as a content management system and subsidiary client relationship manager. I was the only team member to receive training and certification in HubSpot’s inbound and e-mail marketing certification courses. I conceptualize with the digital team annual B2B inbound marketing strategies utilizing HubSpot’s services. With the launch of and the content marketing schedule, Rioja experienced a 25% increase in registrations for the trade community in 2017.

From FileMaker to ART: DOCa Rioja’s CRM & CMS Database Transition 

I was appointed to map Rioja’s client relationship manager and content management system from FileMaker to the Activity and Reporting Tool with the digital and design team. I helped in improving user experience design on the Activity and Reporting Tool from team feedback and surveys. Activity and Reporting Tool offered a more robust reporting system delivering a 200% increase in metrics reported for campaign performance.

WaWi CRM & CMS for

I developed and executed the inbound marketing strategy for beautypress’ CRM including monthly B2B newsletters, and daily newswires to beauty editors. beautypress’ targeted marketing strategy approach increased open and click-through-rates by 20% and new business by 15%. 

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